Supported functionality

The agent supports following features:

  • One Agent for all Hardware products: SMARTbox IO, CubeIO, DP, Mini, BLE
  • Available on all Cumulocity based systems
  • Available on all T-Systems
  • Cloud Fieldbus
  • TLS-Security 1.0 / TLS-Security 1.2 (ab Version 2.4.x)
  • Full SmartRest implementation
  • Location by Cell ID
  • Shell to operate by AT Commands
  • Support of Alarms, measurements, events
  • Realtime operating the device
  • Offline buffering of measurements, events, alarms
  • Fieldbus connectivity over Modbus RTU
  • OTA – Remote Software update
  • MQTT Support

Please see following Overview regarding main features and required firmware


Agent Firmware TLS 1.0 TLS 1.2 MQTT


Profibus CubeIO Mini SMART
box IO
1.x UE910_EUD-12.00.417-B028

2.4.x UE910_EUD-12.00.418-B016 2.x UE910_EUD-12.00.417-B028

2.3.10 UE910_EUD-12.00.417-B028

Installing the agent

If an agent is already running: The installed software on the SMARTbox can be remotely managed using the standard software and management feature from Cumulocity, as described in the Device management user’s guide.

Manual installing the agent

Pls proceed as follows:

  1. Download the Tools here
  2. Install the USB Driver for the Telit Module
  3. Install AT console from Telit
  4. Open File system tool and connect via USB
  5. Drag and Drop the Agent (see below) to the MOD folder
  6. Only DT Agent and after FW update: : Upload the Certificate in the root folder here
  7. Disconnect and Connect with installed Telit AT controller to USB3 Port for DT Agent, and USB4 for CC Agent
  8. Start the Machine by typing:

Manual installing the Firmware

Prerequisite: You installed Telit AT controller, USB Driver and XFP Tool (included in Installation of Telit AT Controller)


Pls proceed as follows:

  1. The Device is Powered off
  2. Connect USB cable to the SMARTbox
  3. Open XFP Tool, Click Browse and “open” the FW stream_UE910_EUD-12.00.418-B016, which you can download here
  4. Click „program“ and power on the Device. A Progress bar appears and reports when it is finished.
  5. Proceed with manually installing the agent

Using the agent

For information on using the agent, please visit the SMARTbox IO or SMARTbox Mini Agent User’s Guide.

Telekom Agent

You can find Telekom Agent in Downloads

Cumulocity Agent

You can find Cumulocity Agent in Downloads 

Local Debug and operate the device

  1. Install the Telit USB driver on your PC: The PC will recognize 6 new USB Ports


For debug service:

  1. Open an Terminal program
  2. Connect your PC on Telit High Speed Modem USB Port with USB port on the Smartbox
  3. you will get details of the running machine.


For setting generic AT commands:

  1. Open an Terminal program
  2. Connect your PC on USB4 Port with USB port on the Smartbox
  3. you can set now at commands


Note: Using Agent Versions <2.3.x you have to connect to USB3