SB2033 I/O Link

SB2033 I/O Link has total 16 channels isolated wet contact or dry contact or open-collector input. Each input channel also can work as 32-bit counter input, the maximum frequency is 200Hz for total 16 channels and 1000Hz for only one channel. Output BUS is RS485 with has surge protection, to reduce interference by serial port communication, the output isolated by high speed opto-couplers. The modules are slave devices that can be easily connected to all Smartbox products.


Technical Data

Wiring diagram and description


1. Input wiring

Vcc1:                Power source input for digital input 1 through 8
DI1 ~ DI8:          Digital input channel 1 through 8
Vcc2:               Power source input for digital input 9 through 16
DI9~DI16:          Digital input channel 9 through 16
DGND:             common for digital input 1 through 16, available in dry input mode


2. Power wiring

DC:      24V, positive end
GND, negative end

AC:      24V, hot line
GND, neutral line


3. Smartbox wiring

DATA+: connect to A end of RS485
DATA-: connect to B end of RS485
RGND:  Connect to earth if necessary


4. Reset parameter to default

Put the jumper between GND and INIT ,the following parameters back to default.
Address of device:        254
Baudrate:                     19200
Channel:                      enable all channels
Filtering:                      200us for frequency input


5. LEDs indication

Heart:   Flashing when the system is working
Comm: Flashing when serial port communication

Connecting Smartbox with SB2033 I/O Link